Wordpress Firewall

Your website is protected by our firewall, this is an advanced protection layer for your WordPress website, actively filtering web traffic, blocking all sort of attacks, (spam)bots, any unwanted visitors and stopping bad behaviour from malicious visitors.

Security is to be build in layers, one of the security layers is our Sentinel firewall.
See this as a filter that tries to filter the bad visitors from the good ones.
Through live traffic monitoring, with advanced throttling and blocking on bad behaviour, we monitor visitors page views, pages not found (404s) and vulnerable URLs etc.
We use advanced filtering and blocking, on not only IP address or range but also on referrer, User-Agent (browser signature) and matching visitor pattern to name a few.

The Sentinel firewall also is equipped with advanced blacklisting and whitelisting options.
Thus we keep your website safe and bad actors off your website.