Website Monitoring

We don’t just do Uptime Monitoring of your website, so we know instantly if your website is down and can help fix it, we do live monitoring for file changes, bruteforce login attack attempts and just to be sure we will scan it daily for malware infections.

We monitor for (unauthorized) changes made in you WordPress installation, even in themes and plugins. Any unauthorized change could be an indicator that your website is (being) attacked.
Sentinel also monitors your website for unauthorized access and any (brute-force) cracking attacks, these are often used to try to get access to a website.
We know monitoring can do only so much, therefore we use many other tools to secure your website.
Just to be sure we will also scan your WordPress installation every day for malware infections.

Website Uptime Monitoring is just one of the many tools Sentinel deploys to make sure your website is always safe and up and running.