Clicksights Sentinel

We take WordPress hosting to the next level with Sentinel, a Managed Secure Dedicated WordPress Hosting service.
No more worries about setting up wordpress, safe wordpress updates, complicated security settings and remembering making a backup of your website.
Sentinel takes care of your website, so you can concentrate on the content and your daily business.

WordPress Installation

We will start with a secure and hardened installation of your WordPress website, with the right protections of your website directories and protected access to your website files and database.
We will harden your WordPress installation and keep it up to date.

WordPress Hosting

Dedicated WordPress hosting with a secure and hardened installation of your WordPress website. Dedicated hosting in The Netherlands, on high end secure hardware with dedicated disk space, memory and bandwidth, uptime monitor and uptime warranty.

WordPress Management

We will update your WordPress installation on every update safely, after making a backup, just to be sure. Security plug-ins and supported addons will be installed, managed and updated so you do not have to do so. Sentinel takes complete care of your website.

Website Monitoring

We don’t just do Uptime Monitoring of your website, so we know instantly if your website is down and can help fix it, we do live monitoring for file changes, bruteforce login attack attempts and just to be sure we will scan it daily for malware infections.

WordPress Security

We deploy advanced hardening and security settings to optimize the protection of your WordPress website. This among other security measures includes login captcha protection, advanced .htaccess protection and automatic checking for password strength.

WordPress Firewall

Your website is protected by our firewall, this is an advanced protection layer for your WordPress website, actively filtering web traffic, blocking all sort of attacks, (spam)bots, any unwanted visitors and stopping bad behaviour from malicious visitors.

Automatic Backups

Scheduled automatic backups of your wordpress website, both online and offline, are taken to make sure your content never gets deleted and lost. If something would go wrong, for any reason, we can restore your website from the backups we keep.

WordPress Development

Do you or your company need a Wordpress website, tailor made to your custom needs? Clicksights develops websites designed and build for top ranking in the Search Engines. We will make a theme and Wordpress website tailored to reach your specific audience.


Let Sentinel take care of your website, so you can concentrate on the content and your daily business.
Sentinel ads site protection with advanced website monitoring and deploys advanced Wordpress security and hardening measures.
Now a days the question is not if, but when your website gets attacked.

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